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Bathtub Tray/Caddy
Bathtub Tray/Caddy
Bathtub Tray/Caddy
Bathtub Tray/Caddy
Bathtub Tray/Caddy
Bathtub Tray/Caddy

Bathtub Tray/Caddy

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This bath tray table is beautiful as well as functional. It is made from reclaimed wood and has a protective waterproof finish. It's really sturdy for years of use, yet light enough to not be a hassle. It also makes a wonderful gift for someone who could use some quality relaxation time. Comes with optional tablet stand (see below for additional details) and is available in different colors (see below).

29 inches wide x 12" deep. Fits most standard tubs with an opening of 22″ to 26". Read below for custom size instructions.

• Reclaimed wood - colors can vary, contact us if you have a preference on the shade of reclaimed wood.
• Distressed White
• Burned Oak

Choose to add on a matching tablet holder at checkout. Tablet holder has a 1/2" groove that holds a variety of tablets. If your tablet has a case that is more than 1/2" thick, contact us to customize the tablet holder. Groove is cut at a slight angle for comfortable reading.

This product has a polyurethane finish and is made from lumber salvaged from barns in rural Missouri. Due to the nature of barn wood, each item will have it's own unique characteristics. No two are quite the same! The tray comes with a protective waterproof finish. Wipe down tray after each use.

If you have tub that has an opening wider than 26" or if your tub is close to the wall we will make a custom size for you. Contact us with the following information and we'll get you set up with a custom listing:
1. If your tub is close to the wall, measure from the wall to the inside of the tub.
2. Measure the outside of the tub from side to side.
3. Measure the inside of the tub from side to side.
4. If there is a wall, is it at your left or right when you sit in your tub?
5. Send a photo of the bathtub.