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About Grindstone Design

We don’t fit in very well..but that’s ok! We stand apart from the culture of throw-away convenience, the quick and the easy, the wasteful and the automated. We stand for REAL.
Real reclaimed Wood. Real craftsmanship. Real sustainability. Real help to answer your questions or discuss a custom project.

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About Brooke

I am the owner and main craftsman at Grindstone Design. After college I started a graphic design business - which I still operate and enjoy. However, sitting behind a computer all day was starting to drive me crazy and I needed to do something creative with my hands…something a little less virtual and a little more REAL. I started making little things from reclaimed wood in my free time…and people were actually interested! It kept growing until it became the main thing I do. I absolutely love working in the shop and would love to share a little bit with you…if it's the sort of thing you are into!

Wood That Tells a Story

Each item we make at Grindstone Design has a unique story behind it. We use wood reclaimed from barns that once dotted the rural countryside. Each building has its own unique story. Most were larger milk or hay barns and many were also smaller chicken houses or tool sheds. Each was built for a purpose and played an important role, not just in a single family’s life and well-being, but in the development of the region and nation as a whole. Small family farms were an integral part of the American economy. at the height of family farming around 1935, there were near 7 million farms in the United States; most have been consolidated into large farms and now number closer to 2 million. The lumber used in these barns was a product of the timber industry, which has deep roots in the economy of the Missouri Ozarks. Around 1900, Missouri was one of the leading lumber producers in the nation, but by the 1920’s the forests were virtually depleted. However, through changing practices, lumber is once again a strong part of Missouri’s industry, and forests now cover roughly one third of the state. Presently, almost all these old barns are in a state of disrepair. At Grindstone Design, we step in and give the lumber a new life, saving it from being burned or left to rot.


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