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About Us

About Us

Each item we make at Grindstone Design has a unique story behind it. The wood used in our products is reclaimed from barns in rural Missouri. Each barn has its own story; some were chicken houses while others were milk barns, some were large while others were small tool sheds, and some were even built before the Civil War. Each was built for a purpose and played an important role, not just in a single family’s life and well-being, but in the development of the country as a whole. Small family farms were an integral part of the American economy and each barn represents a tiny piece of that. Prior to the wood being made into a barn, the process of harvesting trees and turning them into usable lumber has its own rich history, which supported families and the country.

When we use the wood from a barn, it is just the beginning the next part of it’s history. We purchase the barn from the landowner and disassemble it; the barn is usually in a state of disrepair when we begin the process and would otherwise be bulldozed or burned. Then we give it new life by cutting, sanding and crafting it into a new item with a unique purpose. We take pride in creating a beautiful new item, but also in being careful to maintain all the beautiful weathering and each perfect “imperfection” that tells the story of the wood’s long history. Some of the marks were made when it was cut into lumber. Some of the holes are from little boys (and girls!) shooting their BB guns at the barn while others are from the wear-and-tear that happened while the structure was in use. Instead of covering that up, we strive to preserve these marks that add to the beauty and meaning to each peice.

Our little team takes a huge amount of pride in making each piece and getting it safely to you. We want you to love it. If you don’t love it, contact us and we will make it right!



Meet the Team

Brooke Hamilton
Brooke is the owner of Grindstone Design. She does a bit of everything from answering customer questions and preparing custom orders to manufacturing and shipping.

Brandon has some amazing woodworking skills and has a hand in making most of our products. His incredible attention to detail assures that every product that goes out the door is perfect.

Brittany makes sure everything is packaged on time and with care. She also is in charge of answering customer questions.

Cassy is a high school student who has an interest in art and design. She is responsible for everything from packaging to painting and much more.

Other people and businesses: We depend on other people and businesses in our community for manufacturing and supplies. We couldn't do it without them! A special thanks to Jack and Ingrid and Joseph Neal


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